American Concrete Company (A.C.C.) is one of the largest concrete cutting companies in the Northwest. We provide all cutting, drilling and selective demolition services in addition to helping our customers solve difficult cutting applications. At A.C.C. we pride ourselves on great customer service, which results in mutually beneficial relationships. Our competitive pricing and superior services are based upon a balanced mix between...

  • Skilled, safety-conscious field operators.
  • Various cutting applications.
  • The right tools and know-how to use them.

Areas We Serve: Washington, California, Oregon, and more

Surface Preparation and Concrete cutting contractor - sets safety benchmark


American concrete Company has set another high standard benchmark for safety. Recently surpassing 50,000 man hours safely work is being recognized this summer. It has taken crews from Profile Grinding, Core Drilling, Flat Sawing, Floor Polishing, Wire sawing, wall sawing, saw texturing, grooving airports and runways and bridges and all other work - to combine to hit this safety landmark. Good work crews.

American Concrete Company - Chosen by Ninkasi


We are pleased to announce that we were recently selected by Chambers Construction and the Ninkasi Brewery administration to complete the concrete polishing of their office floors. Please call us for more details on Concrete Floor polishing! It\'s more reflective, easier to clean, cheaper to maintain, and looks great!

Portland Office vs. Coburg Office -- American Concrete Company


For Saw Cutting, Profile Grinding, Floor Polishing and Shot blasting needs - Customers may call either the Eugene, OR office, or the Portland, OR office. The Portland, OR office of American Concrete Company is 503-688-1191.

Concrete Floor Polishing - Come see our floors!


Call and make an appointment to see our concrete floor polishing and coloring. With the addition of the new floor polishing and burnishing equipment, we can give any concrete floor slab a showroom look. It\'s easy to keep clean, reduces maintenance, and increases the light. Best of all, we can do it with what you have and keep the cost affordable. If you are interested in learning more about our concrete floor polishing services, please call or email.

Concrete Floor Grinding & Polishing


Come see the recently completed floor grinding and polishing demonstrations at the ACC show room. Do you want a mirror like finish? Colored finish? We can grind and polish your concrete however you wish. Turn your old garage and warehouse into a work of art. Contact us to see your options.

Concrete Polishing - Commercial and Residential - Floor enhancement!


We are proud to offer Floor Polishing and Grinding. An easy and economical way to make your existing or future floor look better, while much easier to maintain! Please call to enquire about floor polishing availability.

Upcoming Year


Are you in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Alaska or any other Western States? If so, please call American Concrete Cutting now to get current pricing for this upcoming years work…Shot Blasting, Profile Grinding, or even Floor Polishing!

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